Darlene King of Skintegrity Cosmedical Laser Skin SolutionsIntegrity of the skin is vital to our good health and wellbeing. The integrity of your laser treatment specialist is also vital to insure that you are entrusting your skins treatment to a trained and certified professional with an extensive health care background. At SKinTEGRITY, we don’t have your treatment needs merely evaluated and designed by the medical professional and then a technician carries out the treatment itself. At SKinTEGRITY, ALL treatments are evaluated, designed and carried outor supervised by Darlene King. Darlene is the owner and treatment specialist and she has an 18 year history as an RN and health professional.  Darlene is fully Physician certified to carry out all of the laser therapies offered by SKinTEGRITY.

Everyone’s skin is unique. Therefore, everyone’s needs, when it comes to their skin’s appearance, is unique.  Darlene will take all of the time you need to go over your goals and desires for your treatment, then develop a plan that suits those goals and desires as well as your time frames and budget. Being a mother and a nurse as well as having a 35 year background coaching hundreds of young men and women in the performance sports field, Darlene’s philosophy puts the level of care she provides as her top priority.

When developing the line of services she would offer through SKinTEGRITY, Darlene saw a need for several services not yet offered here.

SKinTEGRITY is the first in our region to offer the Amazing “VENUS FREEZE” for skin tightening and lifting, fat reduction and cellulite improvement. We also offer the regions only Laser Tattoo Removal and is the only laser specialist using the Alma Harmony XL platform for PAIN FREE hair removal effective on all skin types, Fractional (also known as Pixel) laser procedures for complete skin resurfacing and scar revision, Darlene also offers vascular treatments, microdermabrasion as a stand-alone procedure or to complement her laser treatments as well as pigment treatments for everything from moles and freckles to age spots and birthmarks. We also are independant distributors of VISI weightloss capsules and wellness products and carry NUCERITY medical grade skin care products.

We invite you to come for a free consultation and find out what SKinTEGRITY can do to restore and maintain the integrity if your skin and body.