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H A V E  T H E  S K I N ,  B O D Y   A N D   H E A L T H  Y O U  D E S I R E WITHOUT SURGERY !

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Integrity of the skin, our body's largest organ, is vital to our good health and well-being.  It is also known that the health and radiance of the skin on the outside is a result of what is happening - positive or negative -  on the inside. The integrity of your treatment specialist is also vital to insure that you are entrusting your treatment to trained and certified professionals with an extensive health care background. At Skintegrity, ALL treatments are evaluated, designed and carried out or supervised by medically trained professionals. 


Everyone’s skin and body  is unique. Therefore, everyone’s needs, when it comes to their appearance, is unique. Darlene and her staff will take all of the time you need to go over your goals and desires for your treatment, then develop a plan that suits those goals and desires as well as your time frames and budget. A graduate of the Royal Jubilee Hospital and UVIC Registered Nursing program as well as having a 35 year background coaching hundreds of young men and women in the performance sports field, Darlene’s philosophy of a holistic approach to beauty and self care dictates her governance of the clinic and her insistence on excellence and safety.


Darlene was born and raised in Nanaimo and graduated with multiple scholarships in the science field. After graduation from Registered Nursing and UVIC in the late 1980's, she then went on to specialize in Obstetrics at Camosen College and enjoyed an over 20 year career working in varied areas of hospital nursing. She worked at not only Royal Jubilee Hospital but also Victoria General, the Richmond General and Women's Grace Hospital in Vancouver. She then moved to Toronto and worked as a float RN at many Toronto area Hospitals where she became experienced in varied fields including obstetrics, gynecology, oncology, orthopedics, dermatology and geriatrics and emergency.  After retiring from hospital nursing, Darlene expanded her international coaching position to include France and the USA, training world level athletes in performance sports.  This experience charged her with keeping athletes bodies in their top condition for international competition. Darlene then moved back to her hometown in Nanaimo with her family. She had a desire to continue to utilize her medical background and, after much consideration and research as to what arm of medicine would suit her best, became a physician certified laser photo-therapist and medical aesthetics specialist in order to offer treatments for those who wanted to improve their skin, body health and appearance. She started her laser clinic “Skintegrity CosMedical Laser Skin and Body Solutions” in 2011. Since then, her practice has grown to treat patients from not only Nanaimo and Vancouver Island, but from throughout BC and North America, many who have returned many times over the years to continue to utilize the treatments offered at Skintegrity.  Her ethics and integrity are her solid base on which she has built her reputation.


"Your Smile is your logo; your personality is your business card;

How you leave others after having a experience with you is your trademark"



  • I knew right away I had gone to the right place. Darlene made sure to explain how my procedures worked and was very knowledgeable about anything and everything I asked. She is very professional and has a very attuned sense  of a persons comfort zones. She has changed my life physically and mentally in a very positive way and I would recommend her to anyone.  Nicki H. - Nanaimo
  •  I had always been embarrassed about my rosacea. It was to the point that I didn't want to leave my home. I had heard that the treatments at SKinTEGRITY worked and were not just a way for someone to promise something that would turn out to be a waste of money and more importantly get my hopes up that something could be done to help me and the be disappointed. Being a guy made it worse. Darlene assured me that her treatments were proven to work - she showed me before and after pictures of her patients and not just those taken from the internet. She walked me through the process and has a great sense of humor even when I was scared. She was also was honest about how many sessions it would take for my skin to clear. She was absolutely right. My skin is clear and I know what my follow up needs to be. She changed my self esteem in such a huge way. I am so happy I found her.  Ben W.  - Parksville
  • I had always struggled with my lack of jawline and my profile. My friend had gone to SKinTEGRITY and had great results from her skin lifting and tightening treatment so I decided to give it a try. She sat with me in my consult for far longer than anyone likely would and went through all the options for treatment and was more than happy to work within my budget to get the results I hoped for. Her devices are the latest and greatest and she knows just how to use them to get the best results. I now have a defined jaw line for the first time in  my adult life (I am 52) Thank you SKinTEGRITY!!!   Jan C.  - Nanaimo
  • The large dark sun spots on my face and body were something that I thought I just had to live with. Darlene had a unique approach where she performed a dual treatment and in just one session, the spots reacted as she told me they would and then disappeared 10 days later.   I had been told at other clinics that this would take 5 sessions to work. The money I saved because of the effectiveness of SKinTERITY's treatment allowed me to also have Darlene treat spider veins and broken capillaries on my face and body with great success. Make sure you see her before deciding on where to go to get treatments. Jerry M. - Cedar
  • I had been told that birthmarks could not be removed and I had a huge one on the side of my neck. I went to see Darlene and she said that she would try an approach that she had developed that had worked on others but that she would only charge my if it indeed worked for me. I thought that was more than fair. She did 6 free treatments and the birthmark faded to the point it is almost impossible to see it. I was happy to then pay what I thought was a small amount for the self esteem I regained! Rick C. - Nanaimo
  • Thanks to the Darlene and the Treatments at SKinTEGRITY I am back to my pre pregnant weight and shape! Julie R. Nanaimo
  • I am a very jumpy person who doesn't like any pain at all. I did though want to stop shaving under my arm pits. Darlene showed so much understanding and compassion for my kind of personality and never made me feel foolish (even when I flinched before the treatments even started)  She has a pain free method of effective and permanent hair removal and it didn't hurt - just like she said it wouldn't. She is perfectly suited for what she does. She talked me through it and now my under arms are hair free. Candy Z. - Victoria
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