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Registered Massage Therapist 

Born in Edmonton, Sarah moved to Nanaimo when she was eight years old and has loved the Island life ever since. Sarah grew up playing a wide variety of sports, but focused on track and field, rugby and lacrosse. This athletic childhood led her to recognize the needs of the human body. Consequently, she chose a career geared towards therapeutic healing. Most of Sarah’s family are involved in the medical field – with jobs varying from nursing to emergency medical services – so massage therapy felt like the perfect fit.

Sarah has experience treating many conditions, such as: carpal tunnel syndrome; scar release; tendonitis; thoracic outlet syndrome; whiplash; plantar fasciitis; fibromyalgia; neurological conditions; and much more. Educating her clients about holistic health is important to Sarah, and she incorporates a variety of methods into each treatment, based on the unique needs of each individual. Some of the techniques Sarah integrates into treatments include:

• Trigger Point Pressure Release

• Contract/Relax stretching

• Swedish Massage

• Myofascial Release

• Active Release

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