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Without doubt - this technology is the deepest penetrating, non-invasive treatment to eliminate unwanted fat on the market today.  Liposonix ® is a safe, non-invasive, fat removal treatment that can dissolve unwanted fat in areas such as the abdomen, flanks, bat wing arms, bra roll or outer/inner thighs that dieting and exercise does not seem to affect. Liposonix fat reduction treatments provide some of the same benefits as liposuction without the downtime, risks, or costs associated with surgery. With a treatment depth of up to 13 MM (the deepest penetration to date in other devices is 3 mm) It is sometimes referred to as non surgical liposuction and the results are remarkable!

What is Liposonix ®?

Liposonix treatments use High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU to precisely target fat beneath the skin. An experienced cosmetic treatments technician moves a handheld Liposonix head around the area being treated. A focused ultrasound beam targets fat cells beneath the skin’s surface without damaging surrounding tissue. HIFU destroys the fats cells and triggers the body’s natural healing process, metabolizing the disrupted cells through the liver over the course of several weeks. Typically, results will be noticeable in some cases immediately and improve over 3-6 months after your first treatment.

Benefits of Liposonix ®

•Safely removes unwanted fat  in just one treatment

•Precise body contouring

•Little or no downtime

•No cutting or suctioning

•No injections

Am I a good candidate?

You must have at least 2.5 cm (1 inch) of fat in the area you want to treat.

You should not have a Liposonix treatment if you:

•have a bleeding disorder

•are taking medication to thin your blood or prevent clotting

•have had surgery, including laparoscopy in the area to be treated

•have an implanted electrical device such as a pacemaker

•are pregnant or may be pregnant

Before the treatment

•Shower and have a meal within an hour of your appointment.

• Although the treatment is not seriously painful, some may desire to arrange a ride home.

First, we take photographs and measurements of the areas being treated. You will be given the option of taking mild sedatives in pill form, though many patients tolerate the treatment quite well with no medication other than Tylenol.  A technician will draw a grid around the treatment area. For those who forego the sedative medication, the treatment will then begin.

What happens during the treatment?

During the treatment you will feel prickling, heat, and tingling sensations. Some treatment sites will be more sensitive than others but the medication should make you quite comfortable and relaxed.

Treatment time: Approximately 1hour depending on the size and/or number of areas being treated.

After the treatment

You may have tenderness in the area after the treatment, and bruising may begin in a few days. The minor discomfort and bruising may last for a few weeks. Immediately following your treatment and for the next day or two, the treated areas will look slightly swollen. Massaging with arnica cream or gel can help minimize any bruising.

Recovery time: Little or no downtime. A few weeks for minor swelling/bruising to subside.

Post-treatment instructions:

•Wear a tight garment (Spanks ® or a compression garment) around the area immediately after the treatment and as often as practical for the next 1-2 weeks. Compression garments provide support, increase comfort and may minimize swelling and bruising.

•Take Tylenol for pain or discomfort.

•Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications or supplements. The body’s natural inflammation response is a vital part of how Liposonix works.

•You may return to any normal activities and exercise as soon as you feel comfortable.

•It is important that you maintain your regular diet and weight for several months following your treatment. Eating less is fine, but increasing your food intake will negatively affect your results


Treatment costs vary greatly depending on the area to be treated. Some who have a small "saddle bag" area will spend approx. $600 while those who desire a full front back or inside thigh will spend closer to $1800

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What if you could smooth your wrinkles, tighten your loose skin, improve cellulite and reduce your measurements all without surgery, completely safe and pain free? NOW YOU CAN WITH VENUS FREEZE!

VENUS FREEZE is one of the most sought after non invasive treatment in the World to lift and tighten loose skin of the face neck and body, reduce cellulite, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and reduce fat, all without surgery, down time or discomfort. It is ideal for loose skin targeting those telltale signs of aging, including areas on the abdomen (including mommy tummy), under arm “batwings”, bra roll, love handles etc. Even areas like the abdomen and thighs can be treated to tighten skin, reduce cellulite and reduce measurements. The unique technology of the VENUS FREEZE combines RF (radio frequency) energy in an multi polar configuration combined with electro magnetic energy (PEMF) to produce a deep penetrating energy to treat the skin that has lost its firmness and youthful contour. Other treatments are mono-polar or bi-polar and without electrical energy in combination with the RF and therefore cannot come close to the results achieved by the VENUS FREEZE.  A series of 8-10 treatments on the body produce dramatic results due to neocollagenesis and neo elastogenisis produced by fibroblast stimulation in the lower lying tissues of the skin. In many cases the results are immediate with the results getting better during the series with the best results seen approx. 2 months after the series has ended. The results are also long term depending on maintenance of overall healthy care of the skin.

Technology in use

The VENUS FREEZE delivers uniform MP 2 energy which combines RF (radio frequency) and PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic feild)distribution and effectively targets fibroblasts and connective tissue. It exerts its biological effect on the skin through two major mechanisms, heat-induced collagen shrinkage and micro-thermal injury as well as dermal regeneration, repair (healing) and remodeling. The treatment produces dramatic, yet comfortable deep dermal heating without damage to the epidermis. Patients describe it as feeling similar to a hot stone massage.

Many people notice signs of aging when skin begins to sag around the face and neck. This fat reduction and skin tightening is appropriate for men and women of all skin types and skin tones who wish to achieve dramatic results without painful surgery and lengthy recovery times.


VENUS Freeze is a treatment with multiple benefits designed to rejuvenate the appearance of a patient’s skin by stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastin. VENUS FREEZE Skin lifting and tightening is one of the most popular and sought after procedures World Wide for non invasive skin firming results because it is painless and requires absolutely no downtime for recovery, yet produces consistently impressive results. The before and after unretouched photos from the VENUS FREEZE published medical white papers are impressive. Read the following answers to frequently asked questions to learn more about the benefits of VENUS FREEZE, and to see if this procedure may be right for you.

What are the advantages of VENUS FREEZE?

The most obvious advantage of the VENUS FREEZE treatment is the consistent and measurable results. This technology harnesses the MP 2 energy which combines Radio frequencies (the most dominant technology for these issues) and electro magnetic energy in synergy. The multi polar RF energy allows the heat to penetrate through into the dermis and the hypodermal tissues without compromising the surface of the skin. The non invasive aspect provides safety, no down time, no side effects or pain which is associated with face lift and body lift procedures. It produces dramatic results and it can be used on any area of the body.

What areas of the face and body can VENUS FREEZE treat?

The VENUS FREEZE has been medically proven to have positive results on all areas of the body. Patients can enjoy a rejuvenated look when this treatment is applied to the face,eyes, neck, decollete, abdomen, arms, back, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Any body area where the patient desires improved skin firmness and contouring can be treated with the VENUS FREEZE technology.

What does the VENUS FREEZE treatment feel like?

During treatment, your laser practitioner will use either the “Diamond Polar” smaller hand piece for smaller areas like the face and neck or the larger “Octi Polar” hand piece for larger areas of the body to be treated. The area to be treated will have a special “glide” serum applied to the surface of the area being treated to act as a lubricant to assist the heads of the hand pieces to glide effortlessly over the skin. Patients feel a gradual warming sensation as skin is brought up to the therapeutic temperature levels required for success. The treatments are comfortable and without pain or side effects and have been described as being similar to a hot stone massage.

When will I see results?

Most patients notice changes in the tone and condition of their skin immediately following their first VENUS FREEZE treatment. However, because the procedure is designed to stimulate the natural growth of collagen and elastin, the patient’s optimal results may take up to a few months to be realized. In cellulite treatment, the fibrous bands and fat deposits treated by the VENUS FREEZE also require time to demonstrate their optimum results however, patients often see results soon after their treatment series has begun.

Are multiple treatments necessary?

Yes. While patients see noticeable improvements early in the treatment series, multiple treatments are required to produce optimal results. The treatment series recommended are 6-8 treatments of the face, neck and decollete and 8-10 treatments on the body. Depending on the patient’s desired results and the area to be treated the maintenance of results is open for individual choice. Treatments are done every 3-7 day.  After the initial series of skin tightening treatments, some patients opt for periodical “touch up” sessions to target areas most prone to wrinkles and lines.


VENUS FREEZE is a safe and painless. There are no side effects or down time asociated with the procedure. Unlike other treatments, such as laser skin resurfacing, which promote the growth of new skin by thermally injuring layers of the patient’s existing skin, VENUS FREEZE does not adversely effect the surface of the skin during the treatment series.

What are the side effects associated with VENUS FREEZE?

The normal side effects of the VENUS FREEZE procedure includes erythema (redness) at the treatment site, slight edema and warmth. These effects disappear within an hour and patients will be able to resume his or her lifestyle immediately

VENUS FREEZE Recovery and Results

VENUS FREEZE offers many of the same results as plastic surgery without the lengthy recovery time, risks and side effects or downtime. The results can be seen in the before and after pictures and in the videos.


VENUS FREEZE helps patients achieve younger-looking, smoother skin and reduced measurements without undergoing expensive surgeries such as a face lift or a tummy tuck – and the results won’t fade after a few months. VENUS FREEZE costs vary depending on the individual patient’s needs such as the size and location of the area treated and in every case is considerably less expensive than invasive surgeries. For example, a series of 8 treatments on thighs, stomach or arms etc. is regularly $1800 however part series and individual treatments are options.

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