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SKINTEGRITY  is proud to be the only provider of PEMF therapy in Nanaimo and the region.  

We offer the latest in advanced tissue, bone and wound healing  with the Venus Heal / Magnetherm and also the  IMRS 2000 PEMF bed - the same technology as used in the  MIR space station!  This unique and profound tools for healing and wellness are described below in depth - click on the VENUS HEAL tab for more information on this extraordinary device for quick tissue, bone and wound healing! 


In Yuri Gagarin's historic flight into space, he returned in near critical condition after only one hour and forty-eight minutes in space. Clearly there was some vital element missing in space that we receive on earth. Yuri had plenty of food, water, and also oxygen and since the flight was less than 2 hours he really only needed oxygen. So what's missing? Well you may say gravity and yes you would be correct, but we can survive in near weightless environments here on earth (in water for example) for just a couple hours.

Just as a fish lives moves and has its being in water, we as humans live in a sea of pulsating magnetic fields here on planet earth. This pulsed electromagnetic field of the earth is the stimulus, the catalyst, the very spark of all biochemical reactions occurring in life forms. Here is a brief explanation of why, as humans,we need these pulsating magnetic fields not only to be healthy, but actually stay alive!

The first evidence of the extreme importance of these earth based pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) was discovered in that first space launch. The Russians won the space race and Yuri Gagarin and his historic launch into space lasted a mere 1 hour and 48 minutes as he circled the earth once and returned. Being without the earth’s pulsed magnetic fields for this short time, Yuri came back from space with depression, bone loss, muscle degeneration, decreased metabolism, and impaired perception.

Since this first flight, studies have been conducted on earth (called zero field studies) that indeed confirm the necessity of PEMF for life to exist. That is, pulsed electromagnetic fields are a required element of health, just like food, water and oxygen. In fact, you need these therapeutic magnetic fields even more than food and water.

Have you ever considered why it is that you never hear about heart cancer? There is a reason for this and it relates to the fact that the heart is the most electrical organ in your body with the heart cells having a voltage of up to 120 millivolts. So the myriads of cells in your body are like little batteries and the heart cells are the most energized of all.Now, you cannot get the other cells in your body to 120 millivolts, BUT you can increase the voltage significantly (up to 70-90 millivolts).

So how do we increase the voltage or “Charge” on the cell (remember, voltage is just stored energy)? Well the answer is simple, by applying earth based pulsed electromagnetic frequencies!

The new science of PEMF therapy has developed with state of the art PEMF devices that have developed because of our lack of earth based magnetic resonance stimulation or PEMFs. We need these devices more than ever because our earth’s magnetic field is weakening, we spend too much time indoors and isolated from these fields and finally because we are bombarded with too much electro smog and electromagnetic pollution.

The critical missing element is PEMF - Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.

Since that first flight, pulsed magnetic devices have been used in every space suit and space station with the notable inclusion in the MIR space station.

Further studies have been done on earth (zero field studies) with both laboratory animals and human subjects. What was found is that just in a matter of hours of NO exposure to healthy PEMF's, cell metabolism begins to break down causing bone loss, muscle weakness, depressed metabolism, disorientation and depression.

Conclusion - Research has conclusively proven the fifth element PEMF is a necessary and required element of health just as is food, water, and oxygen and to some extent sunlight.

PEMF's are like a spark plug or catalyst for energy production in the cell. Just like a car needs oxygen, fuel and an ignition (spark plug), so does the human cell need fuel (glucose), oxygen and a "spark plug" or ignition. This ignition is PEMF or pulsed magnetic energy from both the earth and movement/exercise on the earth.

We can also think of PEMF as a battery recharger for the human cell. We now know that the voltage of a healthy cell is about 70-110 millivolts and when we get sick that voltage drops below 50 millivolts or less and cancer cells are 30 millivolts or less. Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) act like a catalyst and battery recharger for the human cells and these PEMF's are critical for human metabolism.

PEMF's also improve microcirculation, oxygenation (up to a 200% increase), help in nerve regeneration, pain management and many other health promoting benefits. There are over 2000 clinical studies and over 10,000 research papers validating the therapeutic benefits of PEMFs

Scientifically Proven to:

• Eliminate Pain And inflammation Naturally

• Get deep, rejuvenating sleep

• Increase your energy and vitality

• Feel younger, stronger and more flexible

• Increase bone health and density

• Assist the body with healing and regeneration

• Improve circulation, vascular and heart health

PEMF at the optimal strength (0-30 Hz) reflect frequencies of the Earth’s magnetic Field encompassing: brain waves, bioenergetic field, red and white blood cells, brain and nerve cells.



While the Venus Heal is designed to speed healing of specific areas with a very powerful concentration of PEMF combined with deep heating radio frequencies and massage, the IMRS 2000 PEMF bed is a total body treatment designed to treat all systems simultaneously. 

What makes the IMRS 2000 the very best system available:

•Focus on earth-based frequencies so cells can optimally tune in and resonate to these healing energies.

• Utilizes Triple Sawtooth waveform to provide cells with a full spectrum of necessary frequencies and optimal ion transport.

• Localized applicators administer Proven Square Wave technology shown effective for healing, regeneration and pain relief.

• Only PEMF device to have a True Biorhythm clock synchronizing the body and mind to be energized in the morning and relaxed at night.

• Reverses polarity every two minutes as well as a complex varying waveform to prevent habituation and acclimation so you receive long-term benefits

• Ideal range of intensities from pico tesla to 300 uTesla ideal for ideal for users regardless of their sensitivity to PEMF.

• Minimizes Electro-smog Exposure by Converting AC to DC at the wall with a special adapter to ensure you will only receive the natural earth-based frequencies that the body needs for healing and repair.

• Available biofeedback system, iMORE (Interactive Monitoring and Regulation System) automatically adjusts the intensity to match what the body needs, assure the most effective therapy session AND further prevents habituation for long-term benefits.

• Brain entrainment iSLRS (integrated Sound-Light Relaxation System) utilizes binaural beats and LEDs to synchronize brain hemispheres, optimize blood and oxygen levels while promoting mood stabilization and enhancing deep sleep.

It can be used with uni-polar pacemakers

How is PEMF Bed Therapy Practiced? 

Treatment time and frequency vary depending on the condition/injury being treated

*Typical Treatment time runs from 20-60 min

*Treatment frequency can be daily every other day or 3 times a week or weekly - this depends on the nature of the issue

*Many patients feel results after one treatment

*Typical treatment period varies between 2-6 weeks

*There are no reported side effects and it is not possible to over treat

*When starting this new therapy program, some individuals will experience discomfort or stiffness due to stagnant cells now being activated. Maintaining hydration will help with the cellular activity and elimination of toxins.


Integrated Sound Light Relaxation System

Mental fitness plays an important role in our environment. It will be even more important in the future in light of our changing living conditions and helps:

• to protect against psychological interference

• to establish positive and motivating life impulses

• to amplify our mental capacities

• to cope with difficulties and conflicts at work, family, sports and illnesses

Mental conditions such as concentration, relaxation, stress, fear, and nervousness are produced by the brain through internal stimulants reacting to external impulses. During this process certain frequencies of the brain waves correspond with the respective mental and physical conditions.

Research of the human brain as well as measurements of brain waves conclude that there are four basic active and passive conditions of the brain, which are in direct correlation with the physical reactions.

The iSLRS (Sound & Light Relax System) utilizes these results of brain research as follows:

1. Beta-Waves (above 13Hz, at center about 14-16 Hz)

These waves determine brain activity during awake, tense and active conditions. At the forefront is the consciousness, influenced by external stimuli, the processing of mental impressions and critical thinking. Within the constructive beta area, a condition of elevated concentration is present. Elevated frequencies past a certain limit cause destructive conditions such as stress, fear or even panic. Overly elevated beta-wave-shares cause a higher output of stress-hormones.

2. Alpha-Waves (8-13 Hz)

They appear in a relaxed condition when the eyes are closed in the stage between sleep and waking hours. Characteristics are pleasant relaxation, positive mood and a feeling of “body and spirit” integration.

3. Theta-Waves (4-8 Hz)

They usually develop during sleep, dreaming and deep meditation. The formation of the sub-consciousness is now active. This zone is characterized by vivid imagination, improved learning and recollection ability, fantasy and intuition.

4. Delta-Waves (0.5-4 Hz)

They appear mostly during deep-sleep and are rarely experienced during wakening hours. The accompanying psychological conditions are a dreamless sleep, trance and deep-hypnosis. Delta waves are of great importance for healing processes as well as the functioning of the immune system.

The application of the iMRS together with the iSLRS combines the positive effects of vibrations for the body and spirit. Based on years of scientific research, this system produces a complete physical-mental stimulation. 

Please Note:

It is possible to experience nervousness during the first applications, because one must adjust to all the various stimuli. These phenomena disappears after a few sessions and transform into a pleasant, relaxed state.


Interactive Monitoring and Regulation

iMORE technology is a technological advance that enables the iMRS to "listen" to your body during your sessions on the iMRS. By monitoring your heart rate variability iMORE adjusts iMRS signals to dynamically support optimal balance of your body's regulatory systems. Over time, the iMORE technology (in combination with the iMRS applications) is able to train and improve your personal HRV by balancing homeostasis.Scientific research has shown, that heart rate variability (HRV) is a reliable predictor of overall health and longevity. Improving your HRV means a stronger ability to handle stress, a lower risk of life-threatening heart disease, and a longer, healthier life. Through iMORE (optional) every iMRS system has the built-in ability to evaluate and train your HRV


The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the division of the nervous system that regulates the heart, the digestive system, and the glands (endocrine system). The ANS has two divisions: the sympathetic division, responsible for survival(e.g., "fight, flight and fright"); and the parasympathetic division, responsible for healing and regeneration (e.g., the "rest and digest" system).It is well known that the autonomic response is the first human response to any physical or psychological stimulus, including disease and injury. Furthermore, autonomic dysfunction, as measured by impaired HRV response, represents a compromised ability for the body to recover. Improving HRV over time means your body's cells and regulatory systems steadily progress towards maximum strength and vitality. In short, your body'sability to repair is improved. And that is what true health and wellness is all about

Videos for PEMF Education 

PEMF - The Fifth Element of Health Video (Full Video)

Video PEMF Therapy - 10 minutes of PEMF Therapy Education

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